SoundFarm Control Room

--No explicit lyrics excepted--

Professional mixing is the absolute best way to improve your sound; I (Doug Chancellor) have ben reordering, editing, mixing and mastering music of all genres in a pro studio environment for over 20 years. I will bring out the very best of what your tracks have to offer.

FREE MASTERING on every song mixed

How does it work?
Just send me the songs to be mixed with a general or specific direction you are looking for in the finished product. I will then mix the songs until I have an artistically creative professional industry standard mix. I will then email you a link for you to download your new mix. You download and listen to your song. It's that simple!

Sending files for mixing
The best way to send us your multitrack session files is to send the individual tracks in WAV or AIFF format (don't change the sample rate or bit rate), all the tracks should be consolidated from the starting point of the session. Please label each file (main vocal, vocal dub, piano left, piano right, high hat etc.. ) this makes it a lot easier when discussing possible edits and for general tidiness of the project.

Effects such as compression, reverb, etc. should be removed from the tracks and sent dry. However, if you feel the effects are essential to the intended sound then by all means leave them on. It is useful for you to include your own rough mix, so I can get an impression of the general balance you originally intended.

Mixing Rates

1-8 Tracks: $100 per song (Mixed & Mastered)

1-16 Tracks: $150 per song (Mixed & Mastered)

1-24 Tracks: $200 per song (Mixed & Mastered)

1-32 Tracks: $250 per song (Mixed & Mastered)

1-40 Tracks: $300 per song (Mixed & Mastered)

What is a track?
A “track” is one instrument or vocal, a mono, stereo, or stereo split audio file. 

If extensive editing or track replacement is necessary, I will gladly do this for an additional fee. I will contact you with my suggestions and get your approval before any additional fees are added. 

Once you hear our mix, there may be things you would like to change about it. Simply call or email me with your change requests and I will implement those changes and send you another updated mix. You can make up to three sets of mix changes, more mix changes can be done at an additional fee of $25 per change; Please be sure to send the best tracks you have to offer, I will improve the quality of all the track performances you send and this is what you can expect from your tracks improvements.

A poor track can sound fair,
A fair track can sound good, 
A good track can sound great,
And a great track can sound fantastic!! 
A poor track will never sound fantastic,
or even good, just fair. 

Once your mastered album or single is finished, I will upload them to you online in wav, mp3 file formats For full album projects, a DDP file will be sent for duplication as well.

Sending and retrieving your files

Step 1
Download the order form, fill it out, and include it with your audio project.

Step 2
Send us your audio files online using the (upload files) button

Step 3
Make your payment by clicking the Online Payment button.

Step 4
Your finished tracks will be sent back to you online, It's that simple!

Sending your audio through the mail
If you are shipping your project to me through the mail. You can make your payment online, or include a money order along with your project material. Please call for mailing instructions (707)-447-0833

* MOST IMPORTANTLY, contact me if you are unsure about anything related to the process prior to sending us your material. I will be glad to help!

Privacy policy
Any information you provide will be used solely for contact purposes. I will never share any of your information with any third party for any reason. I wish you the very best in your musical endeavors, and look forward to working with you on you projects.

Business Hours
If you wish to speak to me in person with questions regarding your project, you can call me anytime between 10:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Saturday, Pacific standard time.