SoundFarm Control Room

--No explicit lyrics excepted--

A message from
Doug Chancellor:

Your project will be mastered or mixed and mastered by me and me alone. I will listen to all the material sent and use the proper tools. No intern training or farmed out work will take place. You can contact me personally by e-mail or by phone, and I will be glad to discuss your project with you. If there is something in your mix that I believe needs adjustment before mastering takes place, I will contact you about it, and give you the opportunity to make the change and send a new mix. I look forward to the privilege of working with you and your music.

Doug Chancellor

Soundfarm Mastering offers an affordable online audio mastering solution for musicians and independent record labels around the world. I (Doug Chancellor) have over 20 years of professional recording, editing, mixing, and mastering experience. I will listen to your material and use the appropriate tools needed for the best result. I will use state of the art digital processing, classic tube warmth, or a combination of both, to deliver a world class sound.  

My rates for mastering your mixes are very affordable at $25 per song, or you can have your entire album mastered for just $250. Professional Results Guaranteed!

Mastering of one song or movement $25.

Entire album mastered (not to exceed 80 minutes) $250.

Mastering generally takes 2-3 days for singles and 5-10 business days for full albums depending on the current work load. It will then be emailed back to you in wav, mp3 file formats. 

The Gear and control room
Soundfarm's mixing and mastering lab was created with great care. It is acoustically neutral and equip with three sonically accurate monitoring systems, to ensure that your song will sound great on everything from a large PA system, to a small hand held device.

The Process
For optimal results, please do not apply compression, EQ, or limiting to the stereo master. "However, you may add processing to the individual tracks within the mix". Although it is good practice to get a strong signal, don't let the audio clip. Having your tracks peak at a maximum volume of around -3dB gives me headroom to work with your audio. Avoid any unnecessary sample/bit rate changes unless it is unavoidable and you have professional grade sample/bit rate converters or methods. Please send files in WAV or AIFF formats only. Please do NOT send MP3's or any other compressed audio unless you have no other option. I want the highest quality audio available from the start for your project. Please do not send session links Pro-Tools or otherwise, just the WAV or AIFF files in the format rates used during recording.

Sending us your audio online
You should preferably have a broadband internet connection to send your audio via the internet.